The role race plays in adoption

“Until recently in Georgia (and still in many other states), one of the five factors listed as 'Special Needs' adoptions was: being black3. Black children remain in foster care at higher rates than other races and are disproportionately represented (27% of those entering foster care are black even though black children comprise only 15% of the U.S. child population).4There are a number of factors that influence this, but the main factor is race….”

This article from www.toomanyaborted.com is a very informative article concerning, politics of adoption, cost of adoption, and inter racial adoptions.

Before I read this article, I always assumed that if we wanted to adopt we’d have to be really rich because it is so expensive. This article gave me hope.

This article also made me mad. Can you believe there are still organizations out there that would rather a black child STAY IN FOSTER CARE than be adopted by a white family? That breaks my heart. Lets learn more about adoption. This article is a great place to kill some misconceptions about adoption’s cost and raise awareness about race and adoption.

Read all of the article here.

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