Video: Russell Moore on Adoption

I keep finding myself looking at Russell Moore’s posts on Adoption!  I like him because everything he has to say is gospel centered. I know adoption for him (in how talks about it) isn’t a sweet thing to simply save the life of a child. It’s deeper than that, it’s about the gospel. So don’t be surprised if this ISN’T the last adoption resource I show you (of his) in the next couple of weeks. In the video below Russell Moore answers a few questions:

Who is his book “Adopted for Life” written for?

How do you counsel people who don’t feel called to adopt, but feel really guilty about it in light of the huge need? (@ 2: 14)

Some would say that individuals care for orphans, but an official ministry of orphan care should not be something that the church formally involves itself with. How would you respond to this? (@ 3:30) 

His original post can be found here.


  1. I am not big into church programs (we should each exercise our spiritual gifts and that may or may not involve programs and committees), but if a church were to have any sort of programs at all, the first two should be orphan care and widow care (true religion Jame's style)!