An Adoption Culture

There is so much I want to share with you guys about Russell Moore’s “Adopted for life.” However, since I haven’t the time right now I will leave with you an excerpt from the book that will hopefully leave you thinking about how adoption doesn’t just advance the cause of life in the adoptee-but beyond.

“An adoption culture in our churches advances the cause of life, even beyond the individual lives of the children adopted. Imagine if Christian churches were known as the places where unwanted babies become beloved children. If this were the case across the board around the world, sure, there would still be abortions, there would still be abusive homes. But wouldn’t we see more women willing to give their children life if they’d seen with their own eyes what an adoption culture looks like? And wouldn’t these mothers and fathers, who may themselves feel unwanted, be a bit more ready to hear our talk about a kingdom come where all are welcomed?”

Wow. An adoption culture-where it’s not just sweet that some couples adopt children and others just comment about how great it is-without their own consideration of it. An adoption culture-where every believer sees that God has adopted us with the payment of his son Jesus. After all, the first cannot without the latter. What a beautiful light that would shine in an Adoption Culture.

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