Information Overload

Information overload is the only way I can explain what I’ve been feeling about my information intake concerning abortion. I’ve been reading books, articles, statistics and state laws. I’ve been following tweets, youtube videos & organizations. I’ve taken a tour of a Pregancy Care Clinic, and learned about local Planned Parenthoods. There’s been so much I’ve wanted to share…

So here goes. Each month, I will post one to two arguments that ProChoicers have against abortion. (A few of the arguments have always secretly been in the back of my mind.) There tends to be more than one good answer to each argument so I will probably have three or more parts to each argument. These will only be summarized answers from Randy Alcorn’s “ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments.”

If you don’t have this book already, (it’s recently been expanded & updated) I’d highly recommend you add it your Amazon Wish List as a great resource to have.

Before I get started, let it be noted that this is mostly directed for the church, to be a blessing of information (however, if you are not a follower of Christ, please follow along-may you be drawn to not just be ProLife but to Life Everlasting in Christ). Why for the church? Because I believe that Christians are called to care for the “least of these” and by caring for them we welcome Jesus. Also, if it’s true that God knits us together in our mother’s wombs and we’ve been created in the image of God-then abortion should be truly & deeply offensive to us- since it is God who gives and takes away-not man. Finally, like a baby in the womb that is weak and needy, and in danger of his/her life being snuffed out-so was I. I was weak and needy, headed on the path to destruction, and God saved me through His son Jesus Christ. The gospel is seen in standing up for the weak & needy-and that’s why we are called to be for life-because God has given it to us abundantly.

The First argument I will be posting next week is: What about a woman who is pregnant due to rape or incest?


  1. This will be so amazing Heather - I am excited to read!

    Be careful to not get too overwhelmed with this stuff though - I'm saying this because I've been there before. Take breaks and read fun, or happy, stuff sometimes, or it can get too depressing and the enemy can use that to cripple you from something God is calling you to do.

  2. That's such good advice Andrea, thank you! I am so drawn to the topic, but you are right I should take a break here and there, I think doing the posts will help me to take it slow and to really take in the information as well.