A New Year's Resolution

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. Partly because there’s something in me that doesn’t want to do it just because that’s just what you do for the New Year. But also I don’t want to fail.

However, a couple of books have really been making me consider making a resolution or two.  Firstly, "The Autobiography of Madame Guyon" (about a catholic woman from the 16th century) and second is "The Valley of Vision". Madame Guyon endured a lot of suffering (and I’m only half way through her life) yet she always saw it as the hand of “Providence” when she was enduring it. Eventually, her mother-in-law and husband forbade her to pray longer than 30 minutes and when she could it was the most precious time to her. She was delighted for any spare moment she had alone so that she could speak to her “Sovereign.” She speaks so much of it. I have to say being in the sad state of my prayer life that I am in, it was more depressing to read than it was exciting. In her passion for sweet moments with God, my time with God was revealed for what it was-not very passionate at all.

 Along came another book in the mail “The Valley of Vision.” In only two days of reading through some of the puritan’s prayers in this book I am once again saddened by the lack of enjoyment and passion I pursue to be with my Sovereign.  John Piper once talked about how when he was young he’d wondered how wise he’d be in 30 years. If my prayer life continues in this trend I dread seeing my life in 30 years! So maybe a resolution is appropriate. After all, my husband says it not a resolution for the sake of having a resolution, but a goal for the purpose of having something to hold myself accountable to, for a way to evaluate where I am (how much I don’t treasure Jesus) and where I want to be (or how much I want to know Jesus and treasure him more).

I picture the puritans along with Madame Guyon full of peace, joy and contentment because of their rich moments in communion with the Savior. In one particular puritan prayer, the Christian prays, “Help me never to expect any happiness from the world, but only in thee…for I can only be happy if employed for thee…” Nothing else can make me happy, like Jesus. Therefore, I must spend time with him!

Resolution: to be joyfully delighted in prayer to my Savior.


  1. I love the way you write about prayer! If prayer isn't about, as you say, "joyfullying delighting in prayer to my Savior", it's not worth anything. Especially not to just say you kept a resolution!

  2. Hi Heather - I've got a book that you'll like. I'll bring it next Saturday. Cool Blog.