"It's Abstract."

All of January I am filling in for a teacher that is recovering from surgery. Though I truly miss the kiddos in my regular class, I am definitely enjoying being with this group of kids. Especially, one in particular…  

From time to time there is usually a kid a or two that you know if the show “Kids say the darndest things” were still on these kids would totally make Bill Cosby laugh. Well that’s Katie! Whenever she’s on the playground it’s a treat to be in her area because I know the things she’s saying will entertain me. So let me share some things she’s said with YOU:

Me: Katie needs a little help cleaning in the kitchen area
Katie: Yea a woman like me can’t do it ALL by myself!

Mom was about to take her art project home….
Katie: Mom, I wasn’t finished with that.
Mom: Okay I’ll leave it here.
Katie: (shaking her head) She just doesn’t get it

After eating birthday cookies with her classmates:
My birthday is a big hit!”

(Grandma brought in the cookies)
My grandmother has excellent taste.”

After putting on a princess dress & shoes…
“I got my trick or treat costume. Kids are gonna FREAK OUT when they see I’m givin’ out candy!”

Another day after putting on a princess dress….
Katie: Trevor, will you dance with me?
Trevor: No.
Katie: Okay this is the last time I’m going to ask. Will you dance with me?
Trevor: No.
Katie: Okay this is really the last time I’m going to really ask you. Will you dance with me?
Trevor: No.
Me: I wonder if any of the boys are coming today?
Katie: I hope not because they are noisy. I told them ‘how would you like it if I went to Crescent City where it’s quieter?’

A song by Katie called “The Rocks”

It’s a lifetime of liiiife.
It’s a liiifetime of cake.
And it’s a lifetime of snowman.

Me: why did you name it “The Rocks”?
Katie: because it ROCKS to have your own song.

A picture by Katie:

Me: Tell me about your picture.
Katie: It’s Abstract
Me: Well, what does that mean?
Katie: It means ya don’ have to paint any in particular.

My art teacher in college would have loved that. Preschoolers pick up more than their ABC's at this age. They can learn what an organic shapes are, they can understand what a term like "abstract" means and apply it too. This is a special age where they are soaking things up. It should be no surprise to me that kids say things like Katie but every time it continues to crack me up. Well, Happy Monday! And if you have the day off like I do...ENJOY!!!


  1. HAHAHA That is very impressive! It's so funny too once you hang with that child and their mom/parents b/c you find they are repeating a lot of the little phrases they hear. One 4 year-old in particular here likes to say things like "Are we coloring quite yet?"