Yellow water with a brown spot

So last night I was babysitting and I don't know why but this little toilet just really made me laugh. The toy? A miniature toilet for a doll house. When you first pick it up, you see it's cute and pink. It even has a miniature roll of toilet paper hanging off the side! (why are small things so cute?) Inside the toilet bowl, there is blue water inside. But watch out! When you push down on the little nob, there's a surprise! The flip side of the blue water is yellow water with a brown spot in the middle! Did you hear me? I said YELLOW WATER with a BROWN SPOT in the middle! So much for being cute and dainty! That's what barbies do (or should I say "doo"?). Anyways, I first took the picture because I knew my husband would love it, but then I thought I'd share with you guys out there too! Here are the pictures:

What are some funny/shocking/interesting/crazy toys you've seen?


  1. Yeah! Barbies doo doo too! Today I saw zombie barbies at target and I thought that was gross.

  2. @Andrea-yet it cracks me up so much!

    @ Christay-Zombies, really? That is pretty crazy. Russell Moore had a good post in relation to our zombie culture and the gospel. Very interesting...

    Thanks for the comments guys!