Just the Way I Am by Krista Horning

Have you ever thought about the sovereignty of God in relation to disability? Does he really make people that way? Did he plan for it? Is it true of all people that God knit us together in our mother's womb? It is true-even of those with disabilities? Just the Way I Am by Krista Horning is about God's good design in disability. God is sovereign and here is a book that that talks about it. It's simple enough for children to understand and healing for families dealing with disability.

In a world where 90% of pregnant women (whose babies are) diagnosed with Down Syndrome choose to abort, we may start to see these children become fewer and fewer. Teaching our children that God made people this way, and that the weaker parts are INDISPENSABLE is so important! Let this be a book in your home library to teach about God's sovereignty. Read it to children in your life. Bless hurting families with the truths in this book. Here is John Piper's endorsement:

Also here is a short review on the book from the Desiring God blog.

Buy the book here (they don't sell it on Amazon).


  1. It looks great! I love what you said about teaching children that the weaker parts are "indispensable"

  2. Yea, thats one of the verses it mentions in the book. I almost cried when I read that verse in relation to disability. Before, I never would have thought about that.