Don't Waste Your Sports

For literally half of my life I've played soccer. From being a blue Smurf when I was 4 to playing for my High School team when I was 16 I've played, goalie, defense, forward, etc. But that time has passed. I'm not longer in organized sports. So when I see a sermon titled "Don't waste your sports" (by C.J. Mahaney) featured on "Girltalk" I assume this is maybe something I could pass along to my husband. I mean my husband is the one who follows football and plays each week with his friends-not me. But after an encouraging comment from a woman that was blessed by the sermon, I thought I'd take a look for myself...

When I was younger I never thought of playing sports for the glory of God. I wasn't much of a ball hog but when others were- I was sure to complain instead of be humble. And I know I didn't have a filter for what my coaches were telling me. "Use your body!" was a common one in soccer. (Hmm...maybe that's how that girls arm broke?) So looking into the past, listening to the sermon really brought some things to light. But it also made me think about the future. After all, I wasn't driving myself around to all those games and practices. It was my parents.

In the future, when I am taking my kids to soccer practice, will I talk to them about playing soccer for the glory of God? Will I tell my children that we don't have to be obsessed with the game, but enjoy it, for the glory of God? Will my children know the importance of giving glory to God when they make an excellent play? And being a humble teammate for the glory of God?

Well I don't know the future. But I certainly hope so.

There is a book but here is the sermon.

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