Trees aren't the only ones worth saving

It all started working with the kids at a homeless shelter….

There, God planted in me a passion learn more about kids and off He sent me to CSUF to get a BS in Child Development.

Then a passion for the first 5 years of life grew in me, from there God opened a door to be a preschool teacher.

Then a passion for talking to children about the Gospel grew in me, and God gave me the resources to learn how to do it.

Then he showed me that children are a real gift from God, they are a heritage, and then He gave me passion for adoption.

As God grew me in my understanding of His adoption of me, He grew an understanding about orphans that I never knew before.

He showed me the connection between adoption and abortion….

Today is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. In the past I’ve never cared about this day-I never even knew about it.

Now I know.

Now I know that ProChoice is really ProAbortion.

Now I know that black babies are targets for abortion.

Now I know that my children will not recognize the face of a downs child.

Now I know that abortion is a cry against God to be God.

For as Job says “the Lord gives and THE LORD TAKES away.”

Our generation wants to go on walks for people with aids and breast cancer, they want to raise money & awareness for debilitating diseases.

Our generation will lay down their lives for neighborhood parks, and national forests.

But who will do it for the unborn?

Who will pursue the life of a child and protect them from their very own mother, the grandmother, the boyfriend, or the abortionist?

After all, as a slogan that I recently read says, “Trees aren’t the only ones worth saving.”