Abortion Argument: What about rape or incest? #3


Answer #3: The violence of abortion parallels the violence of rape.

In ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments Randy Alcorn explains answer #3 quickly and simply so this time instead of summarizing I'll just directly quote it all:

"One woman says, 'When a woman exercises her right to control her own body in total disregard of the body of another human being, it is called abortion. When a man acts out the same philosophy, it is called rape.'

There is a close parallel between the violent attack on an innocent woman that happens in a rape and the violent attack on a innocent child that happens in an abortion. Both are done in response to a subjective and misguided sense of need, and both are done at the expense of an innocent person. The woman might not hate her child the way the rapist might hate his victim, but this is no consolation to the child. Regardless of the motives or disposition of his mother, he is just as brutally killed.

The violence of abortion is no solution to the violence of rape. The killing of the innocent by abortion is no solution to the hurting of the innocent by rape."

**Be sure to read Answers #1 & #2 as they give fullness to the answer of the ProChoice objection for abortion.


  1. I agree..
    Having an abortion will not take away the hurt of a rape. All the woman can reason is, God has given her a gift, however that may be, and she should treasure and love that gift....
    Its the same with incest...the act is evil and wrong. However,to kill an innocent child is not the answer. What the devil means for bad, turn it around for good and pour love onto that child. They should never be made to feel unwelcome or unwanted. Rather they should have a blessing spoken over them at birth,and be told how very special and precious they are. God Bless. CM

  2. CM- Thanks for your kind comments recently! Rape & incest are such hard & touchy topics when it comes to abortion, so I really appreciate it. You are right, God can use anything for-for His glory.

  3. @ Andrea-thanks God really blessed Randy Alcorn to make such a great book!