Money not kids

This post has nothing to do with kids. It's not the normal post, but good deals must be shared! So here goes...

Since I've been following coupon blogs & bargain sites the past month I...

Exciting, right?! So if you don't already receive emails from Groupon LivingSocial, or Roozt-I'd highly recommend it!

I got my sunglasses from a deal on Roozt.com. Following deals on Roozt is even more satisfying because all their items are organic/fair-trade/humanitarian :) Obviously, not all deals are good deals, but you may come across something you've been needing. For me it was sunglasses that wouldn't break 3 months after the purchase.

I haven't used my free credits for either of these websites, but I'm sure looking forward to it!

Nomorerack.com: 8 deals every day. $2 shipping no matter what. $10 credit just for getting their emails. Everyday their cheapest items tend to be make-up or a toy item ranging from $2-4 bucks. With s/h you'd use at most only $6, which still leaves room for another deal for $2 of your free credits. That's SOME deal if you ask me!

Eversave: Similar to Groupon & Living Social only they give you $5 (normally it's only $2) of credit to receive their emails. Don't know when I will use it, but I know it's an option. If you sign up today you will get the 5 dollar credit, then it goes back down to 2 bucks tomorrow. Hurry, hurry!

I know it's early to think about it, but maybe these free credits will come in handy around Christmastime.

These are my new glasses that were FREE

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  1. You are a great shopper! Thanks for sharing your finds. I am especially excited about the Roozt site!