$5.00 children's book-today only

Today Sammy & his Shepherd is on sale for $5.00 over at Ligioneer Ministries. It's typically $17.00 (hardcover), and if you know children's books, that doesn't surprise you. Because children's books are NOT cheap! That means, this is a great deal! It's on sale until Saturday morning. So only one day my friends, one day. Go hereto buy it. 

I typically like to recommend books on Wednesdays, but since this book is on sale today then here is a book review from Ligioneer Ministries: the teaching fellowship of R.C. Sproul:

Sammy lives happily under the care of his faithful shepherd. But one day he meets a sheep from another flock, one who lives in misery because her shepherd is not so caring. Eventually, to the delight of both of them, Sammy’s shepherd buys the needy little sheep for his flock and gives her a name—Precious. Thereafter, Sammy tells Precious all the wonderful things about their shepherd. At first, Precious has a hard time believing that the shepherd can be so good. But eventually, as she sees the shepherd pouring out his energies for the good of his flock, she comes to trust him, for she sees that he loves his sheep unconditionally and sacrificially. 

Each chapter of Sammy and His Shepherd is an exploration of a passage from Psalm 23. As they work through the book, children will grow in their understanding of the metaphors the psalmist used in composing this beloved poem. But more important, they will gain a deeper appreciation for the one who is the subject of the psalm: the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ. Captivating illustrations by Corey Godbey help Sammy and Precious come to life for children. A special section in the back of the book provides Bible passages, discussion questions, and activities to reinforce the lessons of each chapter.

As a side note, stories from the perspective of an animal about bible stories kinda make me nervous. Mainly because I work with very literal preschoolers that tend to get confused when I say that we have black sinful hearts ("My mom said our hearts are red"). But since the church is referred to as God's sheep, then I can totally go with that! Go here to get the book. 

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