You know you're a preschool teacher when...

It’s no longer surprising to find clumps of glue in your hair.

Red “washable paint” stains your hands by the end of Valentine’s week.

Your husband starts singing preschool songs.

Your husband tells you turn off the preschool songs.

You find random items like: sequins, pink hair clips, & heart shaped buttons (otherwise known as “treasure”) in your pockets.

You peel stickers off your clothes, before washing them.

It’s exciting to learn about new children’s music/books to be released.

You have a favorite letter from the Letter Factory (mine is “W”).

You attend multiple princess parties in one year.

You are thankful to sit in a “big kid” chair.

You are a cupcake connoisseur (officially do not like store-bought).

You notice the absent sound of a flushing toilet from the opposite side of the room.

You wake up with a children’s bible song in your head.

It’s time to babysit and you bring multiple children’s books & CD’s.

You appreciate the sound of wordless music at the end of the day.

And finally when phrases like this are common.

You could also start off with “You know you have a preschooler when…”
What do you think-did I miss any? 


  1. You are offered a buger at snack-time

    You are come into a room of children and start trying to get them involved in an activity

  2. Omg. I LOVE this post. So true. I felt like this when I was at my old job as a preschool aide and even now sometimes, too working with my emotionally disturbed and autistic kids. :) I wanted to recommend this awesome book to you, I have read it to the boy I specifically work with at work. He doesn't sit still for long or know what I'm reading but this book left me in tears that he doesn't even realize are for him. :)


  3. @ Andrea- I love those!

    @Aurora- Thanks for the recommendation! I see its only 47 cents on amazon, I will definitely be checking it out. You should do a little review on it for a post of yours, that'd be awesome!