Pro-choice or Pro-Abortion?

Recently Planned Parenthood released their 2008 annual report. From the report we found that for every single adoption referral Planned Parenthood performed 134 abortions. When we talk about giving women choices, is not adoption a choice? Then why is it, that Planned Parenthood does NOT have developed options and more resources on adoption? It's because Planned Parenthood is NOT pro-choice but pro-abortion.

Image & info from LiveActionBlog

Also, if you haven't already seen the recent footage released by LiveAction that exposes Planned Parenthood's value of abortion above the U.S. law (reporting the sex trafficking of minors) then watch this video. Christian brother or sister, be informed about Planned Parenthood & evils going on there.

Watch the full unedited version here and here

Now you tell me, is Planned Parenthood pro-choice or pro-abortion?


  1. That video made my cry! My sister went undercover into a Planned Parenthood once and started reading aloud a pro-life tract - it was awesome!

  2. Sorry to post again - I can not believe how the lady was giving advice like that. I hope that she was the worst of the worst, but I doubt it