We're walking for Life!

Being ProLife always scared me. I thought that if I was really, really, really ProLife that I'd have to stand in front of abortion clinics with signs shouting. Though I'm not against that, I just thought that was the only way to BE ProLife. But what I found is that it's not the only way! There are many other ways to be involved - emailing congress, posting youtube videos and spreading truth. Not only that but you can become involved in a local pregnancy care center near you!

That's exactly what I've done! Due to all that I've been learning I decided to become a Liason between my local Crisis Pregnancy Center and my church. I'm very excited about this opportunity, and even more excited to get some of you bloggers to be involved.

Here's the deal. Next month on the 12th there is going to be a Walk for Life. James and I are walking! Our goal is to not only raise support for the Pregnancy Center but it's to make a statement by walking with the masses. What's the statement? Choose Life! In a world, where media only covers ProChoice news & events, we are praying to get some media coverage for this peaceful walk.

Maybe you are ProLife like us. Maybe you don't necessarily want to stand in front of an abortion clinic or hold signs. Maybe you don't really know how to be ProLife. Well here is your opportunity to be a part of the movement...support James and I!

If you decide to sponsor James and I, the money will go directly to the pregnancy center. The clinic is Christian-run and gives women complete information and facts about their options. They are sure to share the gospel with each family.  

It's very easy to sponsor us. You don't have to send me a check or cash. All I need is your home address and the center will bill you directly. To give your pledge amount, simply email me at Heather.r.burdette@gmail.com OR post a comment saying that you are interested and (if I know you) I'll contact you via FB. 

Please consider being a sponsor to James and I or find out about a Pregnancy Center near you, I'm sure they have events like this too! Thanks for showing us your support and more importantly your support for LIFE!

*Also please share this post with any of your family or friends through email or sharing on FB. That would be awesome!


  1. How exciting Heather! Pete and I would love to sponsor you guys.
    (We used to stand in front of abortion clinics, but we never shouted! A lot of other people did, though, and it was sooooo counterproductive and we didn't want to be associated with such unChristian behavior. And it was too depressing seeing woman after woman go in, so we eventually stopped. )

  2. Andrea, I'd love to hear more about that sometime. Like where? And the signs people held and if anybody ever turned away from the clinic? Also, how did you find out about that? Thanks for your support! I'll be talkin' to ya soon!