The Cost of Discipleship

For Christmas my best friend Sarah gave us the book “The Cost of Discipleship” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I’ve only just recently been able to pick it up and let me tell you I’m only the 2nd chapter into it and it’s amazing! I was trying to read the 3rd chapter today but I couldn’t stop thinking about the 2nd. Thus I thought I’d quote some of it here to give you a taste…

“It is Jesus who calls, and because it is Jesus, Levi follows at once. This encounter is a testimony to the absolute, direct, and unaccountable authority of Jesus. There is no need of any preliminaries, and no other consequence but the obedience to the call. Because Jesus is the Christ, he has authority to call and to demand obedience to his word. Jesus summons men to follow him not as a teacher or a pattern of the good life, but as the Christ, the Son of God….”
p 58

In relation to the call of Christ and obedience to being called Bonhoeffer talks about Peter the disciple in this way…
“Peter knows he dare not climb out of the ship in his own strength-his very first step would be his undoing. And so he cries, ‘Lord, bid me come to thee upon the waters,’ and Jesus answers: ‘Come.’ Christ must first call him, for the step can only be taken at his word. This call is his grace, which calls him out of death and into new life of obedience. But when once Christ has called him, Peter has no alternative-he must leave the ship and come to him.” (italics added) p 66
So excited to read the rest of the book. Makes me want to see the movie on him even more! Thanks for the book Capa!


  1. The first quote "not as a teacher or a pattern of the good life" is so contrary to what you hear most about following Jesus. How true. What movie are you talking about?

  2. It was a reference to the post of mine labeled "2 movies of interest" It's called "Bonhoeffer Agent of Grace." Maybe next time I should link it.