The Holy Spirit & Batteries

Easter weekend I was blessed to spend time with my 4 y/o nephew. As we were in his room playing with toys, he found a toy that didn’t work. He asked Grandma to get batteries. I briefly mentioned that the batteries currently in the toy-phone were dead, didn’t work, and had no power. Grandma came back and together they placed the new batteries inside. He pressed the number one and a voice said “ONE” He pressed the number two and the voice said “TWO.” He questioned, “The new batteries have power?” I said, “Yes, Danny the batteries have power and they make the phone work.”

Later as we were driving back home, the light bulb went on! Awhile back I wrote the final “Essential Gospel Truth.” It was basically describing that Christians live to please God and have received the promise of living forever with God for eternity. In that blog were illustrations to emphasize the Holy Spirit’s work in the life of a believer. Thanks to God for giving me eyes to see, He showed me a better illustration than the one I previously wrote. Here it is:

In Illustrating the Holy Spirit’s role in a believer’s life:

Battery Powered Toys:
While talking to a child you could say this: "This toy cannot do what it was made to do unless there is power inside of it. We can push it to make it move, or even pretend the buttons work. But it needs power to work and do what it was created to do.  We can give the toy power by putting new batteries in it. Then it will do what it was made to do. You know what, that is a little bit of what it’s like when God gives us the Holy Spirit. When we receive the Holy Spirit into our lives it helps us to do what we were created to do. Without the Holy Spirit it is hard to please God on our own-we don’t have the power to do what we are supposed to do. With the Holy Spirit, we have the power to love God and love others."

Why is this important-especially for young ones?
As I write, I still don’t have all the answers to the work and role of the Holy Spirit. However, as I learn more about children and think about my life as a believer I’ve seen the sneaky trap of “salvation by works.” When I don’t read my bible everyday or my Christian duty in some area, I am so quick to get burdened with my sin. As I try to shake this wrong attitude, I see more and more the importance of not just teaching children that it is good to share, good to be honest, good to give, good to be gentle and good to believe the bible. And while those things are good to talk about, (Lord-willing they will learn to love doing those things for the glory of God) if the Holy-Spirit and his work in their lives is not emphasized it seems we could be leading them into either pride for doing so many good things, or leave them full of burdens because they are not able to do good things. Speaking this essential truth to them will teach them humility and dependence on God to do good works. 


  1. I really like these. What are your feelings toward catechisms for children?

  2. That Anonymous post was Giulian by the way, and he was serious.

    This is an awesome analogy. Praise God for showing you.

  3. What are your feelings?

  4. Giulian, I have to look more into it. I don't know that much. What do you think?