Thrifty finds

Our studio-flat is very tan. At first, it seemed a little boring with tan couches, tan walls, tan furniture, tan bath room, etc. However, on the other hand, it’s a great color to work with! With tan, I can add all the color I want to our little place and experiment with the colors whenever I please! So I’ve been moving blankets around, picking flowers from our landlords’ garden (with permission of course), and finding great deals at thrift stores! Here’s a few of the items I purchased for the grand total of $8.00! (Not shown are the 50 tea light candles that I got for only 1 buck!)

Loved the colors on these old bottles! I love it when the sun shines on them in this window every afternoon & evening.

James called these “retro” candle-holders. However retro, they are full of my thirst for color J The vase is actually an old salad dressing measurer.

***Thrift store shopping tip: Find out the days of the week that there is a 50% discount. They usually all have at least one day.***