You're A Grand Old Flag

Ms. Amy (the teacher for whom I am an aide) taught the children the song “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” You remember right? You’re a grand old flag, you’re a high flyin’ flag and forever in peace may you wave. Sang it all the time when I was little. These kids have a ton of fun singing it, and will definitely be ready to sing it next year in kindergarten. I’m just not sure if some of them know that the name of the thing with red and white stripes and white stars is more commonly referred to as the “American Flag.” This is what one of the preschoolers told me today.

Katie: Ms. Heather can you draw the grand ol’ flag for me?

Me: Yes, you mean with stars and stripes?

Katie: Yea, I really like the grand ol’ flag. I saw a grand ol’ flag in some one’s yard the other day.

So some of them may not know it’s technically referred to as the “American Flag” in casual conversation but for now I like hearing it from them as the “Grand Ol’ Flag.”

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