Easter & Children

As I reflect on this week, I have really been able to feel & see answered prayers. I am so humbled and thankful to God for that. One of those answered prayers was being able communicate to the preschoolers more about the character of God. You may have read my “God, the Boss of Ouwies.” God was gracious to let me teach them a few ways that God is Sovereign. Also, our class was really blessed by one of the moms. She came in and went through the visual story of Jesus with Resurrection Eggs

It was especially a blessing to hear her communicate how Jesus took our sin and punishment on the cross. Through using a preschool level illustration she was able to communicate this big truth to these little people. She said something like “it’s kinda like when we get into trouble and we have to go to time-out. But instead of us going to the time-out that we deserve, mommy or daddy goes to our time-out instead. On the cross, Jesus took the place of all our time-outs.” It excited me so much that she really put it down to their level! 

As I was looking on-line I found a couple of cool things that could be real great traditions for families/teachers/aides (JI say that as if I am a mom or something J) in keeping a Jesus-centered Easter. Working as an aide I’ve seen the struggle of trying to kinda’ keep the fun tradition but also make it centered on what Jesus did. 

Here are a couple of cool ideas that I found (click to go to the links):

Thankful for this work week & the job He has give me,

[As far as completely throwing out all mention of Easter eggs, bunnies, Santa, etc when talking about Christmas & Easter. I am still undecided (thus the "Finding Easter in Bunnies.." link). James & I have discussed it before but seem to come to the conclusion that conversation between real & fake is of upmost importance.]

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