Learning to Sew

On Friday night Katrina took me to Joanne's and got me started on the road to sewing. First, we choose what we wanted to make. After many pages of cute purses, stuffed animals & tops we decided on aprons.

Next was the hardest part of all: choosing the fabric. Can you believe we were there for  2 whole hours?! I could not make a definite choice! I wanted a floral print but not too bright and it needed to be large, but it had to have warm colors. One was almost perfect but too much pink. Another was pretty but maybe too light for cooking in. Yes, that went on for a literally a couple of hours. There were way too many patterns!

Eventually we both found ones we liked and after having our fabric measured and cut we finally headed back to her place. Katrina was a good teacher. At first I was nervous for the fabric to through and I couldn't make a straight sewing line but it got better as I continued. It was a ton of fun! I got so carried away on the sewing machine I picked up James nearly a half of an hour late from work! Here are a few pictures of my unfinished work...

Here's a close up of the pattern

Still got some work to do!

Can't wait to finish!


  1. Please teach me!! I'm so desperate!!! That's so fun that you guys did that, I'm glad for you.

  2. Maybe when you guys move out here ( praying, praying, praying) Katrina or myself (who knows?!) can teach you!