God is Faithful

Making friends was never hard for me. Or so I thought. When I went to Mexico it was a little-NO VERY HARD to make friends. I mean, have you ever placed yourself in a different country with 25 different people from different countries or states? It’s not initially easy to make friends. In fact, it’s a lot easier to just go home. And two weeks in that situation, and that’s exactly what I wanted. I was so shy and nervous around people-I didn’t even know myself. I found myself at a loss for words in conversations and I was so lonely. However, after much desperate prayer God showed me that He wanted me to love Him more than a need for friends. So by grace, I fell in love with Him in Mexico. And God was faithful-after first giving my heart & trust to Him, He blessed me not only with friends-but sisters in Christ.

After six beautiful months of growing in the Lord through mission work and godly friendships I was headed back home. Only to realize that all my best friends were scattered in far off cities and different states. BUT God was faithful-after humbling me God put me in a small group where I was soon to meet one my closest friends ever and future roommate.

Eventually, we moved in with some friends to finish college in Fullerton. I wasn’t extremely close with the friend I shared a room with-but I knew God had plans for us. It was our prayer that God would connect us to a community of friends there. There were many unexpected trials-so many, many trials. But God was faithful. Again he created for me (us) a community of women who wanted more of Him and the roommate that I only a friend became my best friend. God is so faithful to me.

Starting to see a pattern here? ;)

After two years of growing intimate friendships with godly women I was going to get married to my very best friend-James. I was excited but nervous. Excited to get married and live and love God with my husband but SOOO nervous that I would not find a community like the community that spurred me on to live more like Christ in Fullerton. I knew God was faithful so I asked the women “please pray that I will get plugged into my new church, please pray for community there.” 

They prayed. We prayed. And there were trials, hard trials, God-glorifying trials.  So here I am because today and once again I am reminded of God’s faithfulness. James and I are in a bible-saturated, Christ-centered church and not only that but we are in a bible study (MC) with people who are desperate to know Christ more. That, my friends, is an answer to prayer that I’ve been praying for about almost a year now! God is faithful. He has created for us a community that we could never have created on our own.

God is faithful. God is faithful. God is faithful.

Are you lonely? Maybe in a far-off place & away from other believers? Are you desperate for God? Are you desperate to live in a Christ-centered community? Pray. Start right now. God wants to glorify Himself through showing you His faith-fullness no matter where you are! He wants to place you in that community where you will desire to live more like Christ.  God is faithful…He will hear your desperate prayer and show you again and again his faithfulness. Just you wait! It is a beautiful, beautiful thing!



  1. Amen to that sister! We share a very similar testimony in that aspect of yearning for a christian community and knowing that it takes a while to make friends :). I prayed that same prayer to God 3 year ago-God give me a community of friends that want to know you, because I have never had that before. I didn't know what to expect, I didn't even know if God heard me. A few months later Giulian brought me to Intervarsity. Talk about God being faithful. Amen Amen Amen. My life is changed through God's constant faithfulness. You couldn't have put it into words better.

  2. Good word sister. God definitely IS faithful.

  3. Thanks Monika and Christy/Giulian. I love Hebrews 10:23-25 concerning community....about stirring each other up to love & good works...and not neglecting to meet together but instead (again) encouraging one another...It's such an awesome verse! Love you guys!