Mudslide in Rio

Just finished skyping with one of my best friends. Christy and her husband Giulian are church-planting in Rio de Janeiro right now. It’s been pretty crazy over there lately due to the high-amounts of rainfall they’ve had. (They were trapped in their house for a couple of days because the streets were flooded) The rain has passed but there is still the aftermath to deal with. I posted some pictures so you can see for yourself the suffering going on right now. On April 8th (last Saturday) there was a mudslide that killed over 200 people, ruined homes and displaced many.  There is great need here. Coming soon will be more information on what’s going on and how you can help. If you’d like to help now check out Christy and Giulians’ most recent post.

This is the mudslide. By looking at the two white specks you can see how big this was. Christy says it’s 3 foot ball fields long.

Here you can see the length of the mudslide and how it could’ve easily killed over 200 people

Two women embracing as they mourn the deaths of loved ones.

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